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As people are bustling to the voting polls to elect the next big thing for the country, other people are contemplating with their significant others if they should spend a little extra to hired professional help.

The most important question every newly engaged couples should ask themselves..."Do we need to hire a wedding planner?"

Here are 3 important things you would like to consider before deciding to seek the ideal wedding planner that shares the same visions, and is able to be your super woman on the most important day of your life.

1) She will save you time!

-How she will save you time, is she knows where to look, what are the steps to get the wedding planning balling moving and where to find them.

-You might have friends and family members who are married and tells you they been through it all and even say, nah you don't need a wedding planner we will help you. As a professional wedding planner I am, I have heard this from my couples and I have seen what the outcome of it as well. You family and friends will be too overwhelm with other tasks, whether its personal, or whether they just want to have a good time then helping you. Other outcomes I have seen is, friends and family bail out on the couple. Something you don't want happening to you on your most important day of your life. Another reason a wedding planner would tell you to hire a wedding planner is, hiring them will help take those above reasons and concerns away.

2) She will save you money!

-As mentioned in the previous, she is someone that has a list of preferred and recommended vendors that would best fit to create the vision of the wedding for you, this will also take out the time spending to negotiate and to figure out what are the things you need to think about before securing with a large amount of deposit.

-Not only that she has vendors she has worked with before that can help create a easy flow on how the wedding day is suppose to go

3) She will save you from insanity!

-This goes back to both #1 & #2. As a wedding planner, we want our couple to enjoy the wedding process, and to be shower with gifts, fun and memories and not headaches and frustration and most important worries.

We hope these 3-steps will help make a very important decision. To conclude, a wedding planner is not a must, but to help with the 3 items above, it's a girl that you would love to have around that will understand all the ups and downs throughout the process for the both,

Happy planning! =)

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